11/24 Pre-holiday Pop-up Book Fair @ the Hideout

Hideout ChicagoSupport literary arts while satisfying your needy friends and relations.

Shop for books, comix and other printed matter before the rush starts with Belt Publishing and Chicago’s finest independent authors and presses. Buy direct from creators and support independent publishing!

No cover; free hot cider.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015 @ 5-8 pm at The Hideout

CAKE – Exhibitor’s Deadline 11/30


Chicago Alternative Comics Expo (CAKE) 2016 will take place June 11 & 12 at the Center on Halsted, 3656 N Halsted Avenue. CAKE’s standard table space is a half-table (3′ x 2.5′). A registration fee of $65 is due upon acceptance into CAKE. There is no application fee.

is a curated show, and the organizers aim to highlight the best artists working in independent and alternative comics, established and emerging, with an equal care for small press publishers and self-publishing artists.

CAKE strives to be a demographically inclusive show that reflects, encourages and advances the full diversity of artists working in our community.

11/21 Andy Slater (aka Velcro Lewis) @ QUIMBY’S

HOW MANY FINGERS AM I HOLDING UP? Release Event With Andy Slater and Marisa Choate / 7PM Saturday 11/21 @ Quimby’s

Image stolen from the Reader. ’cause fuck ’em.

Direct from the quimblog…

“You may have seen blind man-at-large, Andy Slater (aka Velcro Lewis) walking around Chicago with his trusty white cane. He makes being blind look so easy but if you ask him about his disability he’ll tell you just how hard it can be. From the stereotypical Mr. Magoo routines like walking into a tree to the confrontations with people who accuse him of faking his disability, Andy’s stories can be both amusing and heartbreaking. In an honest one-on-one or a sardonic rant, Andy is always willing to talk about his experiences.

Slater’s Chick Tract-inspired comic, How Many Fingers Am I Holding Up?, chronicles his experiences as a blind pedestrian enduring harassment from aggressive ableists and the unwanted “help” from busy-body gawkers. The book doubles as a DOs & DON’Ts guide on assisting blind folks.

The comic was created so that Slater had something physical to hand to curious people or aggressive jerks that he runs into. Witnessing Slater cut a loudmouth down to size is an act of beauty but has weighed on the author’s soul. This comic ends the debate before it starts and saves many from embarrassment.”

Rewritable Wicker Park :: Volunteers Needed

Read/Write Library is currently looking for volunteers for their Rewritable Wicker Park pop up Library, running Nov 7-29th, Weekends 12-Sunset & Weekdays 3-Sunset (sometimes later).

A number of people are signed up already, but there are still some open days. If you are interested in staffing the pop up library, contact Patrick to sign up.

They also need help cataloging on Sunday, December 6th, from 1 to 5. The only requirements are that you can type and that you are interested in learning about our collection.

They have one spare laptop at the library, but bring your own if you can. The items that are waiting to be cataloged are interesting, weird, and usually not what you expect, so come on by to check it out.

Even if you’re not able to volunteer this month, stop by Rewritable Wicker Park to check it out. It’s open 12 to sunset on weekends and 3 to sunset on weekdays. It’s an awesome space, you don’t want to miss it!

DATE CHANGE 12/22 Price Gun Warriors @ Uncharted Books

retail shopping bag

Calling All SPOColytes

Retail-Inspired Stories Needed for Tuesday 12/22 show at Uncharted Books.

Have you ever worked a cash register? Handled a price gun? Ever had to wear an apron, a visor, a walkie talkie, or tuck a polo into ill-fitting khakis? How many hours of computer training have you logged? Have you ever experienced the unique hell of a Black Friday morning?

In the month of December, SPOC turns its attention to a different kind of folk hero: the Sales Associate. We welcome your Retail-Inspired horror stories, tall tales, and filthy slander– report life in the trenches, so that the rest of the world may know our struggle.

We’re looking for 6-8 performers, each clocking about 10 minutes. (2,000 words or 8 double-spaced pages). Free jug wine at 7pm, show starts at 7:30pm.

Interested Performers should contact Victoria.

If you’d like to be featured in SPOC’s Tribute Zine to the Sales Associate, submit your story to Victoria by December 16th.

It’s been a pleasure serving you. Have a nice day!

A Fond Farewell From SPOC Founder Nicki Yowell

Hello SPOCsters! It is with equal parts melancholy and excitement that I announce I’ll be handing over leadership of SPOC to Victoria Harley effective immediately.

It’s been a long strange trip! I started SPOC back in 2012 after seeing the dearth of community-building opportunities for zinesters and, generally, anyone who did self-initiated projects in Chicago. We hung out, created workshops, made collaborative zines, traveled the country to table zine fests and had an awesome regular reading series at Uncharted Books.

Some highlights of the past 3+ years: raucous birthday celebrations complete with state of the SPOC performances, Words and Sound performances blending writing with sound art and music, tabling at the American Library Association’s Zine Pavilion in 2013, participating in dozens of zine fests around the country, publishing five collaborative publications, silly times at TGIFriday’s, Doc Merriweather’s Medicine Show at Co-Prosperity Sphere and a political puppet show helmed by your’s truly. And that’s barely scratching the surface. We’ve done a lot!

The tradition will continue on, albeit without me. If you’re a SPOC regular, you may have noticed a trickling off of events, e-mails and social media posts. A lot has been changing rapidly in my world! I’ll be moving to Portland, Oregon next week to start the next chapter of my ziney, zany life.

Victoria has been a regular at our reading series and events since moving to Chicago in 2014. Stay tuned to see what she has in store for our fun little upstart group! Follow me and my exploits here and feel free to friend my on the ‘book.

Want to see me off and wax nostalgic about SPOC? I’m hosting an impromptu hangout at Café Mustache this Sunday 10/25 at 1 p.m.

I want to take this chance to thank everyone who supported SPOC by coming to events, sharing their work, traveling with and hosting us all across the country. You really made SPOC the kind of awesome community I envisioned. I’m looking forward to watching it grow even more from afar.

Signing off, Nicki Yowell –  Founder of Self-Publishers of Chicago

TONIGHT @ Uncharted, 7:30 pm Glug, Glug: Bars & Drinking by SPOC

vintage bar fridays with lesleys girls cocktail recipe

TONIGHT, 7:30 pm @ Uncharted Books, it’s another SPOC event! Belly up to the watering hole with radtastic readings all about libations, inebriations, bars, booze and the like.

Shay DeGrandis
Elizabeth Gomez
Victoria Harley
Rachel Rodeck
Nicki Yowell

BYOB, of course. Come for the drinky readings and the VERY SPECIAL SPOC ANNOUNCEMENT. Changes are afoot…