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Fresh off the Presses


We’re pleased to announce that SPOC has a new Zine on the stands. Zine of the West contributors include: Eric Bartholomew, Victoria Harley, Blake Nemec, and Peyton Stewart.

You can find copies of the Zine of the West at fine purveyors of print media:

Quimbys Bookstore – Wicker Park

Women and Children First – Andersonville

Chicago Comics – Lakeview

Space Oddities – Humboldt Park



1/30 Zlumber Party 9:30pm @ Quimby’s

Don’t forget the cold cream. (Or the maraschino cherries) 

So, this might be the most boss thing ever. And here we are to co-opt it!

Each year, Quimby’s Bookstore invites zinesters, scensters, and other quasi-literary hangers-on to while away the dull night hours within the safety of a Wicker Park consignment store.

Come stay up all night with us while we work on our zines. We’ll be snacking, chatting,  drink coffee– or just putting our messy lives in order. Up to you. It’s not a lock-in, you can leave whenever you want, but while the store is closed over night, we’ll be busily working away inside — sort of elves and the shoemaker kind of shit.

If you haven’t already been to Quimby’s– get on it. As allies of self-publishers and creative project people, Quimby’s provides a place for all those strange mini comics, bizarrely particular zines, and home-made goods that could not otherwise find a shelf.

Direct from the Quimblog:

This is the fifth year in a row we’re inviting you to come in and spend the night with us working on your zine, because we’ve had so much fun doing it in the past. Get here at 9:30 on Sat, Jan 30th (the store closes at 10pm). Then spend the night here! Stay until 6am Sun, Jan 31st! (And yes, you can leave whenever you want before then if you want or need to.) So bring yer jammies and a sleeping bag, then leave in the morning with what you’ve been workin’ on! There will be snacks! And coffee!

What: Zlumber Party 2016
When: Sat, Jan 30th, 9:30pmSun, Jan 31st, 6:00am
Where: Quimby’s Bookstore at 1854 W. North Ave.
RSVP:  info(at)quimbys(dot)com or call 773-342-0910.

11/21 Andy Slater (aka Velcro Lewis) @ QUIMBY’S

HOW MANY FINGERS AM I HOLDING UP? Release Event With Andy Slater and Marisa Choate / 7PM Saturday 11/21 @ Quimby’s

Image stolen from the Reader. ’cause fuck ’em.

Direct from the quimblog…

“You may have seen blind man-at-large, Andy Slater (aka Velcro Lewis) walking around Chicago with his trusty white cane. He makes being blind look so easy but if you ask him about his disability he’ll tell you just how hard it can be. From the stereotypical Mr. Magoo routines like walking into a tree to the confrontations with people who accuse him of faking his disability, Andy’s stories can be both amusing and heartbreaking. In an honest one-on-one or a sardonic rant, Andy is always willing to talk about his experiences.

Slater’s Chick Tract-inspired comic, How Many Fingers Am I Holding Up?, chronicles his experiences as a blind pedestrian enduring harassment from aggressive ableists and the unwanted “help” from busy-body gawkers. The book doubles as a DOs & DON’Ts guide on assisting blind folks.

The comic was created so that Slater had something physical to hand to curious people or aggressive jerks that he runs into. Witnessing Slater cut a loudmouth down to size is an act of beauty but has weighed on the author’s soul. This comic ends the debate before it starts and saves many from embarrassment.”

SATURDAY: FREE Comic Book Day @ Quimby’s

the simpsons comic book guy giving milhouse hamburglar comic book mcdonalds

That’s right. This Saturday is that special day of the year where comic book purveyors the city over offer their wares A GRATIS. Surely, there is much booty to plunder throughout Chicago but we’re particularly excited about what’s going on over at Quimby’s

CAKE hosts a comic reading series there at 7 p.m. and will hawk its brand new mini to all yall teeming comic masses. Readers include: Jo Dery, Corinne Mucha and Carter Lodwick. 

Score our COLLAGE zine @ Quimby’s


We did it guys! Our collage zine is printed, bound and in stores, specifically our favorite print purveyor Quimby’s. It’s a beautiful thing and the zine looks amazing. It features collages by scads of artists in full color.

A special thanks to all the artists, especially Daniel Majid who created the cover you’re looking it. And big ups to Peanut Gallery for hosting our workshops. Stay tuned for more amazing opportunities to collab and make awesome zines.

collageTake a look at some of the zine’s rad contents!

Help us put the COLLAGE zine together, plus EAT PIZZA!


Got some free time on Friday night? We know you may be checking out the Chicago Zine Fest Youth & Exhibitor Reading at 826 Chicago, but, if you can, think about dropping by to help us put our COLLAGE zine together.

Why not meet at the usual Thursday time, you say? Well, your SPOCsters are still hard at work doing the dirty work of scanning, placing images, lining up text and all that tedious yet strangely satisfying layout work.

We’ll be meeting at Nicki’s from 7-9 p.m. to get everything collated, stapled and ready to go for Chicago Zine Fest the next day. There will be delivered pizza and you’ll have plenty of time to make it over to Zine, Lose or Draw. Carpools anyone?

Speaking of Chicago Zine Fest, we’re looking for interested parties to hang out at our table at the event from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday, March 9. We’ll especially need folks to help selling our goods from around 4-5:30 p.m. while we’ll be participating in the Zine Scene workshop. E-mail selfpublishersofchicago@gmail to get on that.

Didn’t score a table this year? Bummer…..or not….because we’ll happily stock and sell your zine at SPOC table. All zines at the SPOC table will give 25% of their cover price back to zine-ful activities, so keep that in mind when pricing. Contact us and we’ll make arrangements.

Post-Heat Wave Meeting @ LAYDEEZ DO COMICS this Thursday


How about this weather, amirite? Well, things will be Chicago-cold once again by Thursday but huddle together with us between the hallowed shelves at Quimby’s for the first LAYDEEZ DO COMICS event at 7 p.m. It’s a new monthly series of women comic artists. Wowzers. Hang with us then grab a post-event slice or drink over at Santullo’s where we’ll be drawing, writing, hanging and what not.