Self-Publishers of Chicago (SPOC) arose out of a need that was not yet fulfilled in our city. While many disparate communities, (film, music, visual art, performance, theater, literature, etc.) enjoy visibility and cohesion in Chicago, groups with less distinct goals, like zinesters and bookmakers, often get left out in the shuffle. Besides that, those of us within those communities know that there’s a desire and imperative for exchange among them.

Writers, designers, artists and any and all who publish their own work and/or run their own projects need and demand a sphere to call their own.  We were inspired by the networking and collaborative spirit that exists temporally at events like Chicago Zine Fest and permanently at organizations like the Independent Publishing Resource Center in Portland, Oregon. We glean from their character the basis for our group.

Our meetings are open to anyone who wants to attend them; one needn’t have a multi-zine pedigree or a pantheon of self-published works to participate. All you need is the enthusiasm to make and support unique projects.


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