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SPoC Tables at Chicago Zine Fest


SPoC offered handmade postcards and zines during CZF2016

Thank you to all you beautiful people who supported handmade literary arts. SPoC appreciates your support.


Raw Denim and True Grit :: Contribute to SPOC’s Zine of the West

women of west


Are your thoughts bound for vast expanses of prairie, forbidding rocky mountains, and roaring rivers? Have gone west, young man?

A fascination to the entire world, the American West looms large in the mythology of our planet, as cultures collided amid rugged and often threatening, natural settings. An untouched landscape of varying texture came under the dominion of a boisterous new government, as an older way of life became slowly erased. Still, mankind’s believed control over nature shatters under the blizzards of vast mountain ranges, white hot heat so searing the land bursts into flames, and the raging floods that rise in a breath.

Send us your Western Visions : SelfPublishersofChicago [at] gmail [dot] com


  • Word count: 500-1200 words — OR — something that suits one or more 5.5″x 8.5″ pages.
  • Genres Welcome: Prose, poetry, experimental nonfiction, personal essays, taxonomies, flowcharts, diagrams, scientific illustration

Deadline: FEBRUARY 18 2016

This zine will first be made available at SPOC’s bi-monthly reading series at Uncharted Books. (Date TBD)

1/30 Zlumber Party 9:30pm @ Quimby’s

Don’t forget the cold cream. (Or the maraschino cherries) 

So, this might be the most boss thing ever. And here we are to co-opt it!

Each year, Quimby’s Bookstore invites zinesters, scensters, and other quasi-literary hangers-on to while away the dull night hours within the safety of a Wicker Park consignment store.

Come stay up all night with us while we work on our zines. We’ll be snacking, chatting,  drink coffee– or just putting our messy lives in order. Up to you. It’s not a lock-in, you can leave whenever you want, but while the store is closed over night, we’ll be busily working away inside — sort of elves and the shoemaker kind of shit.

If you haven’t already been to Quimby’s– get on it. As allies of self-publishers and creative project people, Quimby’s provides a place for all those strange mini comics, bizarrely particular zines, and home-made goods that could not otherwise find a shelf.

Direct from the Quimblog:

This is the fifth year in a row we’re inviting you to come in and spend the night with us working on your zine, because we’ve had so much fun doing it in the past. Get here at 9:30 on Sat, Jan 30th (the store closes at 10pm). Then spend the night here! Stay until 6am Sun, Jan 31st! (And yes, you can leave whenever you want before then if you want or need to.) So bring yer jammies and a sleeping bag, then leave in the morning with what you’ve been workin’ on! There will be snacks! And coffee!

What: Zlumber Party 2016
When: Sat, Jan 30th, 9:30pmSun, Jan 31st, 6:00am
Where: Quimby’s Bookstore at 1854 W. North Ave.
RSVP:  info(at)quimbys(dot)com or call 773-342-0910.

Midnight TONIGHT: Worst Breakup EVER Zine Submission Deadline


Happy post-VDay. Hope you can make it through your candy heart and pink champagne hangovers long enough to send your submissions tonight.

MIDNIGHT TONIGHT 2/15 is zero hour for submissions for the Worst Breakup Ever zine. Prose should be 500-1200ish words, image files should fit into the standard half 8 1/2 by 11 zine size and be (preferably) JPEGs. No PDFs puhlease. Send submissions to selfpublishersofchicago@gmail.com
Reminder: selected submissions will be read/performed at our Anti-Valentine Heart Wrencher Night (2/26, 7:30 pm @ Uncharted Books). It’s being sponsored by Radio One Chicago, which is pretty exciting.
If you’re burning the midnight oil and have a submission still simmering by late tonight, just shoot us an e-mail and we’ll work with you on an extension if necessary. Thanks to everyone who’s already submitted! Should be an amazing project.

SPOCentine’s Day Collage Social @ Peanut Gallery TOMORROW @ 7


Will you be our Valentine? Come to SPOC’s Collage Social & Workshop Part II at Peanut Gallery (1000 N. California) from 7-9 p.m. TOMORROW, 2/14, that day for lovey lovers. It went so well last week, we went ahead and made that second date. We didn’t even wait the requisite 3 days to call.

Whether you’re flying wonderfully solo this year or you’re celebrating with your honey later on, hang with us on the most official of amorous days. Don’t have a date idea? What could be more romantic than cutting out scraps and rolling out glue sticks. Bring collage-able materials, scissors and glue and whatever else. Perhaps you could make a hand-made Valentine for your special one or your cat or mom or favorite math teacher.

We’ll be bringing some special Valentine’s treats to fortify you for your arty endeavors. Your finished piece will appear in our COLLAGE zine. See you there.


Collage Social & Workshop TOMORROW @ Peanut Gallery, 7-9 p.m.

UH Collage_1

Get your catalogs, magazines, photos and various printed materials ready because tomorrow is our long-awaited COLLAGE WORKSHOP & SOCIAL. We’re putting together pages for our forthcoming collage zine. There will be paper, some scissors, glue, etc. but PLEASE feel free to bring additional supplies as our’s are limited. The action will be at PEANUT GALLERY, (1000 N. Milwaukee) in Humboldt Park from 7-9 p.m. so that’s early enough for your early birds to get some arrrrt done.

 ALSO, don’t forget to bring AMPLE PRINTED MATTER for collaging fodder. The more weird stuff we have, the more awesome our collages will likely be. That is unless one of the small children I watch gets a hold of any of them. Ha, I kid, I kid.
If you have any interest in assembling/stapling/helping to photocopy our collage zine, we’ll be putting these goodies together after February 21 in anticipation of Chicago Zine Fest (where we’re tabling, woo woo.)

Submit to our COLLAGE zine in time for Chicago Zine Fest!


What’s says zines more than collage? What says fun more than SPOC? In anticipation of Chicago Zine Fest on March 8-9, we’re putting together a zine of nothing but collage.

Here’s the deal. Get yourself an 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of paper. Fold in half. Either use half or the whole sheet to make one or two pages for our zine. Make it analog style, with actual paper, or not if that’s limiting. Feel free to design your page digitally as well.

Send your submission as a jpg or tif to selfpublishersofchicago@gmail.com by THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 21 at midnight, or just attend our meeting that evening and give it to us then. We’ll be hosting a collage-a-thon in the near future to motivate you to get your page done so stay tuned.