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1/30 Zlumber Party 9:30pm @ Quimby’s

Don’t forget the cold cream. (Or the maraschino cherries) 

So, this might be the most boss thing ever. And here we are to co-opt it!

Each year, Quimby’s Bookstore invites zinesters, scensters, and other quasi-literary hangers-on to while away the dull night hours within the safety of a Wicker Park consignment store.

Come stay up all night with us while we work on our zines. We’ll be snacking, chatting,  drink coffee– or just putting our messy lives in order. Up to you. It’s not a lock-in, you can leave whenever you want, but while the store is closed over night, we’ll be busily working away inside — sort of elves and the shoemaker kind of shit.

If you haven’t already been to Quimby’s– get on it. As allies of self-publishers and creative project people, Quimby’s provides a place for all those strange mini comics, bizarrely particular zines, and home-made goods that could not otherwise find a shelf.

Direct from the Quimblog:

This is the fifth year in a row we’re inviting you to come in and spend the night with us working on your zine, because we’ve had so much fun doing it in the past. Get here at 9:30 on Sat, Jan 30th (the store closes at 10pm). Then spend the night here! Stay until 6am Sun, Jan 31st! (And yes, you can leave whenever you want before then if you want or need to.) So bring yer jammies and a sleeping bag, then leave in the morning with what you’ve been workin’ on! There will be snacks! And coffee!

What: Zlumber Party 2016
When: Sat, Jan 30th, 9:30pmSun, Jan 31st, 6:00am
Where: Quimby’s Bookstore at 1854 W. North Ave.
RSVP:  info(at)quimbys(dot)com or call 773-342-0910.


BIG FUN this weekend!

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Big fun this weekend guys! Check it:


Chicago Zine Fest Bingo Fundraiser, 7 p.m. @ 826 Chicago. CZF is back with its favorite fundraiser. Channel the spirit of your favorite granny and throw your chips down for a good cause.

Brain Frame, 9 p.m. @ Happy Dog Gallery, 1542 N. Milwaukee Avenue. Performative comics from the likes of Grant Reynolds, Sara Drake, Marian Runk and a host of other talented Chicagoans.


Pre-Zlumber Party SPOC Gathering, 8 p.m. @ Santullo’s. Join us for a piece of ‘za to fortify you for the zinemaking ahead.

Zlumber Party, 10 p.m. @ Quimby’s Bookstore. Once the shoppers file out, the zinesters roll in clad in pajams for an all-nighter of zinemaking and fun. Some snacks provided.

No meeting tonight; have a pre-ZLUMBER PARTY slice with us on 1/19 at Santullo’s

Save your energy for this weekend because there’s NO MEETING TONIGHT, 1/17. Instead, join us for some ‘za and brew at Santullo’s on SATURDAY, 1/19 at 8 p.m. to pre-game for your all-night zine marathon at ZLUMBER PARTY @ Quimby’s. 

Contact info@quimbys.com if you want to reserve your spot, although hurry it on up because it’s a mere TWO DAYS AWAY! It’s a great time to get a good start on that awesome zine you’ll be making for Chicago Zine Fest in March. Or, perhaps you could make your page for our phenomenal COLLAGE ZINE, as we will be bringing a few materials.

Zlumber Party Time @ Quimby’s on 1/19

Have you ever had the hankering to wander around a fine novelty and small press book purveyor in your jammie-jams? Quimby’s will be hosting their ZLUMBER PARTY on January the 19th. That’s a Saturday, folks, so no parents, no rules, no school the next day. Come by round 10 p.m. once they close their doors and enter into a night of zine-making revelry. E-mail info@quimbys.com to save yourself a sleeping bag spot. Don’t forget the bunny slippers.