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Submit To Worst Breakup EVER: a SPOC Anti-Valentine Zine


♥ Hello dear SPOCsters. ♥

Did you know it’s about to be the lovey-est of lovey lovey times (barrrffff)? That being so, we want to create a brand new SPOC compilation zine all about, you guessed it, the implosion of relationships. We want your true life (or tall tale) breakup stories. Preferably embarrassing, darkly comedic and adolescent. But any kind, really.

Prose submissions should be 500-1500 words. We’ll also accept comics submissions but if you plan to submit shoot us some loose panel/size specs. Keep in mind it’ll be standard zine size (8 1/2 by 11 folded).

We’ll take up to 10 submissions from you, the multi-talented SPOC public. The deadline will be Sunday 2/15 at MIDNIGHT, (in case you need to phone in any last minute Valentine disappointments). 😉

A selection of the submissions will be performed at our Anti-Valentine Heart Wrencher Night at Uncharted Books (date TBA).

Send written submissions to selfpublishersofchicago@gmail.com as Word docs and visual ones as JPEGs/GIFs. You are encouraged to include as many scanned love letters, scrawled over and burned photos of exes and drawings soaked and/or stained with tears.

Get writing, dear hearts.
♥ Nicki

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