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Bring on the Baked Beans. We’re BBQing on Saturday!

Wrangle those steaks, chops, ribs, chicken cutlets and veggie patties because we’re BBQing this Saturday 5/18 @ 3 p.m. Our gracious host Rob Chambers of Back to Print has generously invited SPOC to get its summertime char action on at his place. E-mail us at selfpublishersofchicago@gmail.com to get more information.

In other weekend news and very-soon news:
Brain Frame, 8 p.m. @ 643 W. 31st Street: Performative comics show makes its Bridgeport debut
Pungent Parlor, 8:30 p.m. @ Black Rock Pub, 3614 N. Damen: Monthly Tuesday night salon and reading series 
Snake Oil A-Z Book Work Party @ 7 p.m., Nicki’s House. Help Meghan McGrath make her Victorian vision a reality. We’ll be scanning, chopping, pasting, drawing, the works. 



No Meeting This Week.

No meeting this week, guys. By the way, SPOC is looking to experiment with meeting days/times. Here are some ideas we’ve brainstormed:

– Alternating meetings every other week. For example, we’d still do Thursday night meetings but we’d do a Sunday afternoon meeting instead the next week and so on. 

-As far as rehashing the entire schedule, the days that seem best are Tuesday nights, Saturday afternoons and Sunday afternoons or early evenings.

Tell us what you think! Now’s the time to make SPOC work better for you.

Get Your Diner on with Us @ Hollywood Grill on Sunday at 5:30 p.m.


Hey guys. Need a self-publishing breather after Chicago Zine Fest? We get it, us too! We’re taking a hiatus from Thursday meetings this week but we will be meeting SUNDAY, 3/17 @ 5:30 p.m. at Hollywood Grill. It’s located at the corner of Ashland and North and afterward we’ll mosey on over to the FIRST WARD BALL at Hideout @ 7:00. 

 Tons of SPOCsters are involved including: Liz Mason who will be performing at Spears and Gears, Meghan McGrath who will be playing a keenly adept snake oil saleswoman and Pocket Guide to Hell maestro Paul Durica. The event is a re-enactment of the epic First Ward balls of the early 20th century, a raucous event that brought together Chicago’s underworld and big time politicians. There will be musical performances, skits and all sorts of turn-of-the-century fun. Who needs St. Paddy’s shit shows? Check this out with us instead.
Guess what else? We’re coming up on our FIRST YEAR ANNIVERSARY. I know, right? In honor of the occasion, we’re planning a State of the SPOC meeting/social within the next month. Please send us good dates/times/locations.
See yall Sunday!

No meeting tomorrow; next gathering will be MOTOR CITY KITTY Reading on 1/10

Since everyone is still getting back into the swing of it all following the holidays, we’re taking tomorrow off. Alas, there will be no Thursday SPOC. Fear not, as we’ll be back next week, Thursday 1/10. We’ll convene over at Uncharted Books @ 7:30 for a zine reading featuring many talented folks, including our SPOC regular and resident photographer, Eric Bartholomew of Junk Drawer fame. See ya then!

SPOC is Wintertime Polar Bear Moon Magic

Hey guys. Hope you all gorged on turkey/Tofurkey/cornish hens/”field
roast” and you’re ready for some more SPOC! We’ll be meeting tomorrow, Thursday, November 29 at my place, per usual, at 7:30 p.m. This is Nicki, by the way. I’ll probably be making Christmas/holidays/PC seasonal time cards or something so if you’d like to get in on that, I have many markers. E-mail selfpublishersofchicago@gmail to orient yourself to my address, if need be.

Speaking of holidays, we’re going to plan a SPOC holiday party very
soon. What are your thoughts? It will likely be somewhere out on the
town but where? What times? Let me know what youz guyz think.

In other holiday news, our friends at Back to Print are coming out
with a new zine all about toys. It all was inspired over at our SPOC
social the other week. They’re looking for all kinds of contributions
and such. Here’s the skinny from Elizabeth Tieri:

“In an effort to celebrate our zine-y-er beginnings and because I
really want to create a little something before the year ends, I would
like to announce a call for submissions to a TOY ZINE.  (This theme
was inspired by a great conversation at the last SPOC social.  If
you’re not familiar with the group, look that shit up ‘cuz they’re
awesome.)  In a challenging effort to keep us all productive and to
pump this out before we all disappear into the holidays, this zine is
on a super tight schedule.  Besides, if you’re cool enough to be a
part of this, you’re going to submit regardless of how much time I
give you.  So, here are the details:

a TOY zine
submission deadline: Friday 7 December at Midnight
zine release: something somewhere the following week tbd”

See yallz tomorrow!




Thursday means SPOCDay. This week we’re in Bucktown. E-mail selfpublishersofchicago@gmail for location. Bring snacks, drinks, what you will.

DON’T FORGET, our SPOCtober Ghostly Stories zine is taking submissions until OCTOBER 23. Send stuff our way!


9/27: New Meeting Place PLUS Weekend FUN

9/27: New Meeting Place PLUS Weekend FUN

Tomorrow we’ll be trying out a new meeting place over in Logan/Square Avondale. E-mail selfpublishersofchicago@gmail.com if you want in on it. Same time, 7:30 p.m.

In addition to super fun SPOC meetings, we have a few SPOCster events happening this weekend. On Saturday, 9/29, you’ll want to check SPOCster Paul Durica’s awesome event FIELD TRIP DAY in the scenic WICKER PARK neighborhood. Starting at 3 and going until 8 p.m., you can see historic events of the neighborhood re-enacted, including a Haymarket funeral and Rainbo vaudeville scene. The whole she-bang starts at Quimby’s and features FREE POLISH FOOD at Phyllis’ Musical Inn round 6 p.m. We all know how much SPOCsters love the Polish food.

But WAIT, if you are free before the FIELD TRIP event, check out Chicago’s very own SLUT WALK, starting at 11 a.m. The Slut Walk is part of a nation-wide event to bring awareness to sexual rights and liberty and its zine is currently in the works thanks to SPOCster Jonas Hungerspiel. Marchers will head up to Daley Plaza around noon which gives you plenty of time to swing up to Wicker Park.