A Fond Farewell From SPOC Founder Nicki Yowell

Hello SPOCsters! It is with equal parts melancholy and excitement that I announce I’ll be handing over leadership of SPOC to Victoria Harley effective immediately.

It’s been a long strange trip! I started SPOC back in 2012 after seeing the dearth of community-building opportunities for zinesters and, generally, anyone who did self-initiated projects in Chicago. We hung out, created workshops, made collaborative zines, traveled the country to table zine fests and had an awesome regular reading series at Uncharted Books.

Some highlights of the past 3+ years: raucous birthday celebrations complete with state of the SPOC performances, Words and Sound performances blending writing with sound art and music, tabling at the American Library Association’s Zine Pavilion in 2013, participating in dozens of zine fests around the country, publishing five collaborative publications, silly times at TGIFriday’s, Doc Merriweather’s Medicine Show at Co-Prosperity Sphere and a political puppet show helmed by your’s truly. And that’s barely scratching the surface. We’ve done a lot!

The tradition will continue on, albeit without me. If you’re a SPOC regular, you may have noticed a trickling off of events, e-mails and social media posts. A lot has been changing rapidly in my world! I’ll be moving to Portland, Oregon next week to start the next chapter of my ziney, zany life.

Victoria has been a regular at our reading series and events since moving to Chicago in 2014. Stay tuned to see what she has in store for our fun little upstart group! Follow me and my exploits here and feel free to friend my on the ‘book.

Want to see me off and wax nostalgic about SPOC? I’m hosting an impromptu hangout at Café Mustache this Sunday 10/25 at 1 p.m.

I want to take this chance to thank everyone who supported SPOC by coming to events, sharing their work, traveling with and hosting us all across the country. You really made SPOC the kind of awesome community I envisioned. I’m looking forward to watching it grow even more from afar.

Signing off, Nicki Yowell –  Founder of Self-Publishers of Chicago

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