Coming Up: Snacks & Fun Times

Hey guys! Here are the deets for our upcoming events:

Sunday 7/13 @ Uncharted Books: Past & Pending Reading: We’ve got a rescheduled date for our June reading this Sunday from 7:30pm-9:30. The following readers will perform vaguely past-themed pieces:

Paul Durica
Nicki Yowell
Elisa Shoenberger
Peyton Stewart

More Info:

Tuesday 7/15 @ Black Heart Rock Pub, 9-10:30ish pm, Pungent Parlour:
Your favorite North Center-based reading series is back featuring the likes of SPOCsters Jeff Phillips, Keri Gannon, Alex Nall and Nicki Yowell. Drinks and cozy live lit for all.

More Info:

Thursday 7/17 @ CHIPRC, 7:30-9: Zine & Snack Potluck. At our zine and snack potluck, we’ll be swapping treats of both the printed and edible variety. Much like a traditional potluck, feel free to bring a snack to share. But we’ll also be trading zines. And chatting about upcoming projects. And, to boot, get a chance to get to know Chicago’s very own self-publishing collective in the flesh. Stop by CHIPRC and bring your spirit of communion with you.

More Info:

See yall out at one/all of our many dazzling July events!

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