GET INVOLVED + Next Clancy’s Reading is Sun. 6/22 !!!

Have you been going cray cray missing us? Well we’re still here! ūüôā

Hey, it’s been a while. Remember us? We’ve been super busy tying up loose ends for the Stamens & Pistils Spring Zine Tour and getting new stuff planned. We have a June Clancy’s reading slated for Sun. 6/22 from 7:30-9:30 over at our old mainstay Uncharted Books in Logan Square. Theme TBD.

Confirmed Readers Include: Paul Durica, Ingrid Haftel, Elisa Shoenberger and Nicki Yowell. Want to get in on the action? Contact us at selfpublishersofchicago@gmail and we’ll let you know if we can find a spot for you!

In other developments….

PDX Zine Symposium: SPOC will be headed back to Portland from July 12-13 for the Portland Zine Symposium in Oregon. We’re also working on a workshop on community for zinesters for the event. Huzzah!

Looking Forward:¬†Running SPOC is amazing and rad in so many ways but also super time¬†consuming. It’s important to all of us to keep it running and strong¬†as a viable community but that takes a lot of energy to be sure. If¬†you’re itching to get involved in something, (I know we’re all spread¬†thin so no sweat if not), please get in touch. Esp. with blog posts,¬†Facebook, organizing, emails etc. And if you have an idea for a¬†workshop/party/event and want to take the lead on it, let me know!¬†I’ll get it all set up.

Stay SPOCly.


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