Chi Dictionary Deadline is TODAY at Midnight + Updates

A group of authentic Chicagoans show off the mode of transit favored by the populace.

Today is your last chance to put your mark on the lexicon of all phenomena Chicago-related. Please send your entries to SELFPUBLISHERSOFCHICAGO@GMAIL.COM before midnight tonight. Send images as JPEGs and written entries as DOCs.

At our last content storming sesh, we expanded the verbiage of all the most Chicago-ish of things. Some new terms include:

The land of the only people in the world: n. Old Town.

Sppppppaaaaaangglish: n. when one with a Chicago-area accent attempts to speak Spanish.  ex. Kaaaaaaaaaayyyyy Innnncccclllooooyeee? (translation Que Incluye?)

Transpretensious: adj. when one compulsively privileges one form of getting around above another. ex. cyclists inherently loathing any any all that drive horseless carriages.


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