Baby, it’s your Burfday! Announcing our 2nd Bday Party ! ! ! ! ! !

Yesss !

We’re two years old! Break out the streamers, champagne flutes, cake and fancy paper stock. This year, we celebrate with a reading AND the release of our Chicago Dictionary zine. Mark your calendar for Sunday 5/4 at 7 p.m. at Uncharted Books. We’ll have some snacks and revelry before the readings. 

Confirmed Readers/Performers 

Ben Reitman

-Crispin Rosencrranz

-Simone Conway-York

-Jeff Phillips

…..and more TBA

The theme will, appropriately, be celebration.

Want to shower us with gifts to celebrate our birth? We’ll accept:
-boxes of staples
-brightly colored candy and/or snacks
-a small donation, perchance?
-your lovely presence
-a state of the art, compact photocopier with wheels that can easily fit on a CTA bus.

RSVP on the Book of Faces. 


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