Next Reading / Second Round of Chicago Dictionary Submissions

Hey y’all! Hope you enjoyed the flurry of activity during Chicago Zine Fest. It was great seeing so many of you at our On & Off the Road reading last Sunday. We had an amazing turn out and hosted zinesters from far away and near places.

We’re looking for readers for our birthday party reading, (DATE TBA in late April.) Get in touch with us at if you’re interested. FYI, we have some new guidelines for readers:
1. Please keep readings to a maximum of ten minutes. We’re going to try to be more strict with this. As we’ve incorporated more technically complicated presentations, it’s put us in more of a time crunch. Keeping to your time limit helps us feature more readers, keep things running smoothly and makes things easier for those who work at our venue. We also enjoy the time we get to spend mingling at the beginning and end and, if folks don’t stick to their time limit, it hinders our ability to do that.
2.  SPOC readings are a great forum and outlet for a variety of subjects and mediums. Over this past year, we’ve featured comics, multimedia presentations, musical performances and such. We welcome our readers to express themselves in any manner they wish and that’s what’s the most fun! That being said, if your content contains any of the following: disturbing violence, problematic presentations of race/sex/gender/etc., please give our audience members advance notice and trigger warnings so that those who wish not to participate are able to do so.
3. If you have specific technical or timing needs, (wanting to go later in the show to accommodate late arriving guests,) please give us at least 24 hours notice (ideally more) so we can assign orders more easily.
We wanted to extend our Chicago dictionary zine deadline to include those of you who may have been otherwise spread thin by making your own work for Chicago Zine Fest. We’ll be taking both written and visual submissions from now until WED. APRIL 23. The zine will then be released at our second birthday at the end of the month. WHOOT!
Stumped for ideas but want to be involved? We’ll be having a collaborative content-storming session and workshop in mid-April. Stay tuned for date, time and location.
Enjoy the week, SPOCsters!

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