Be Part of Our Collaborative Zine + Meeting SUNDAY

This Sunday, 1/19, we’ll be having a meeting/hang out sesh over at
Knockbox (Augusta and California) from 4 – 6ish p.m. Stop on by, have
a cup of coffee, bring whatever you’re working on and come armed with
ideas for new workshops, zines, etc.

In anticipation for Chicago Zine Fest in March, we’re going to start
working on our next collaborative zine, a Chicago dictionary of sorts.
Some examples:

Mies van der Whoa: (exclamation) A declaration shouted upon viewing a
skyscraper in the Loop, usually by a tourist but occasionally by
Chicago resident without a white collar job. Caused by the visual
amazement by a large monolith rising above oneself.
Ex. The Inland Steel building had me letting out a Mies van der Whoa.

Have anything that might fit? We’re looking for our multitalented
SPOCsters to come up with some snappy, Chicago-centric, witty
definitions as well as artwork. We’ll chat more about the zine at
Sunday’s meeting.

Stay tuned for the date for our February reading night at Uncharted.
The theme will be that ever-abstract concept of love. Awhhh. But
really, once again, the prompts are just guidelines, yall.


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