HOLD THE PHONE: A Snake Oil Show?

Got aches and chills that just won’t quit? Got a hankering for arts and culture in the South side hub of Bridgeport? Well, has SPOC got the remedy for you!

SPOCster, archivist, poet and all-around history dream girl Meghan McGrath is putting on Doc Merriweather’s Miracle Elixir & Medicine Show this FRIDAY from 7-9 p.m. at Co-Prosperity Sphere.

Among the stellar attractions will be a promotional almanac from your very own local zine collective SPOC, in-person advice for “female complaints” from Lydia Pinkham herself (performed by Nicki Yowell), and a re-creation of the notorious 1909 Metropolitan Medical College to discuss your own future as a bona fide “professor of medicine”!


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