This Weekend is Hot. Get Up on it.

Break out the umbrella drinks and shorts because it’s (decently) warm in Chicago. And there’s rad stuff going on. For instance:

TONIGHT Friday, April 4:

Nightingale Turns 5! The smallest and coolest cinema in town is celebrating its fifth birthday. Besides “cake, dancing and booze,” fine purveyors of short film shall peddle their wares. See collisions of image and sound courtesy of:

Lauren Alberque
Jessica Bardsley
Jake Barningham
Thorne Brandt
Lilli Carré
Ian Curry
Theo Dardst
Lori Felker
Cameron Gibson
Kent Lambert
Jodie Mack
Jon Satrom
Alexander Stewart
Latham Zearfoss

TOMORROW Saturday, April 5:

Outsiders: Zines, Samizdat and Alternative Publishing The Newberry Library and the Caxton Club combine smarty-pants academic forces to bring us a host of panels, presentations and discussions featuring speakers from Chicago and around the country. Talks run from 9 a.m.-1:30 p.m. in the adorably named Ruggles Hall.

Adventure Sandwich Kickstarter Party! Hang out at the Hideout and enjoy music and revelry to support  the best children’s show made entirely out of cardboard ever. Performances by Mini Mekons (Jon Langford, Sally Timms, & Rico Bell of the legendary Mekons), Future Hits and the lovely Lindsay Weinberg! Fittingly, sandwiches will be provided by Hangover Brunch.

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