Meeting Tomorrow @ Bon Bon PLUS We’ve Scheduled Our One Year Party

Hey guys! Tomorrow, Thursday 4/4, we’re meeting after a bit of a break. We’ll convene at7:30 p.m. at BON BON SANDWICHES ( 2333 W. North Avenue, near Western and North ).They have amazing Vietnamese bahn mi, free wifi and they’re BYOB so there are plenty of snack/drink/work opportunities.

 In other exciting news, we’ve officially scheduled our STATE OF THE SPOC / ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY PARTY @ Uncharted Books on Friday, April 26. The action will go down from 7-9 p.m. We’re looking for people who want to do readings/ perform, etc., especially if you’ve contributed to any of our zines, as we’ll be doing a super fun zines in review. There will also be time for snacks, drinks and a brief town hall style suggestion session. Bring your ideas, constructive criticism and suggestions. We’re especially looking for brainstorms for new SPOC zines.
Here’s a question for all you guys. There are those among you who read our e-mails and what not but haven’t come to meetings or events. What would you be interested in working on? Are there locations or times that work better for you? We’d love to remind you that we’re a low key, casual group. You needn’t have a project or specific work to contribute. We encourage people to just come and hang. Consider checking out a Thursday meeting! We’re working to schedule more, low pressure, out-in-public meetings to encourage new folks to come out. Let us know what we can do to work better for you.
Hang with us tomorrow. You won’t be disappointed.

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