Get Your Diner on with Us @ Hollywood Grill on Sunday at 5:30 p.m.


Hey guys. Need a self-publishing breather after Chicago Zine Fest? We get it, us too! We’re taking a hiatus from Thursday meetings this week but we will be meeting SUNDAY, 3/17 @ 5:30 p.m. at Hollywood Grill. It’s located at the corner of Ashland and North and afterward we’ll mosey on over to the FIRST WARD BALL at Hideout @ 7:00. 

 Tons of SPOCsters are involved including: Liz Mason who will be performing at Spears and Gears, Meghan McGrath who will be playing a keenly adept snake oil saleswoman and Pocket Guide to Hell maestro Paul Durica. The event is a re-enactment of the epic First Ward balls of the early 20th century, a raucous event that brought together Chicago’s underworld and big time politicians. There will be musical performances, skits and all sorts of turn-of-the-century fun. Who needs St. Paddy’s shit shows? Check this out with us instead.
Guess what else? We’re coming up on our FIRST YEAR ANNIVERSARY. I know, right? In honor of the occasion, we’re planning a State of the SPOC meeting/social within the next month. Please send us good dates/times/locations.
See yall Sunday!

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