SPOC-Approved Weekend Fun Abounds!

Now that your collage is done, enjoy what the weekend world of SPOC has to offer. Here are some events on our radar:


OTTO SPLOTCH’S VARIETY SHOW, 7:30 p.m. @ Peanut Gallery (1000 N. California)  Song, dance, performance and other wonders of comics and art all in the name of visibility for Stink Helmet, Otto’s new graphic novel. It’s being crowdsourced as we speak on the Kickstarter. You have ’til Sunday to get on that and I suggest you do. He’s super close to getting the money and his stuff is rad.


CRAFTERDAY, 1 p.m. @ Read/Write Library Chicago, 914 N. California Got a taste for the home arts? Have a project in the works. Head over to work on anything you’ve got going on in the art arena. I hear there will be pipe cleaners available.


CHICAGO ZINE FEST SIGN MAKING PARTY, 2 p.m. @ Read/Write Library Chicago, 914 N. California It’s that time of year again. There are a mere two weeks left before the awesome pandemonium that is Chicago Zine Fest. Help organizers fashion delightful signs for the event.

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