Collage Social & Workshop TOMORROW @ Peanut Gallery, 7-9 p.m.

UH Collage_1

Get your catalogs, magazines, photos and various printed materials ready because tomorrow is our long-awaited COLLAGE WORKSHOP & SOCIAL. We’re putting together pages for our forthcoming collage zine. There will be paper, some scissors, glue, etc. but PLEASE feel free to bring additional supplies as our’s are limited. The action will be at PEANUT GALLERY, (1000 N. Milwaukee) in Humboldt Park from 7-9 p.m. so that’s early enough for your early birds to get some arrrrt done.

 ALSO, don’t forget to bring AMPLE PRINTED MATTER for collaging fodder. The more weird stuff we have, the more awesome our collages will likely be. That is unless one of the small children I watch gets a hold of any of them. Ha, I kid, I kid.
If you have any interest in assembling/stapling/helping to photocopy our collage zine, we’ll be putting these goodies together after February 21 in anticipation of Chicago Zine Fest (where we’re tabling, woo woo.)

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