Thanks Chicago Zine Fest!

Russian Wedding Photoshop Disasters (11)

Wow! Being an invited organization to Chicago Zine Fest sure does make us happier than a tiny Russian Photoshop bride ascending from the heavens into her husband’s sparkling open arms. Thanks CZF! Lookie lookie, we got a great blurb on their website too. How ’bout them crabapples?

We’re excited to unveil our COLLAGE ZINE for the fest on March 9. Remember, our deadline goes until THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 21 so there’s still time to make your decoupage masterpiece. Are you one of those people who needs a bit of motivation for projects. We get it. We’re having a COLLAGING SOCIAL next Thursday at a TBA location.

Don’t forget, we meet TONIGHT 1/31 @ the LAYDEEZ DO COMICS event at Quimby’s at 7 with a SANTULLO’S ‘za nosh fest to follow. 



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