Tomorrow is your LAST CHANCE to submit to GHOSTLY STORIES zine!

Have you been haunted by your incomplete submission to GHOSTLY STORIES?  Tomorrow, OCTOBER 23 at MIDNIGHT is your last chance to submit your tales of ghoulishness, drawings, artwork, poetry and all other spooky creations to SPOC’s second zine. Don’t miss out!

Send all your treats and tricks to

Can you raise your submission from the dead after its hour has past? YES! If you are going to be tardy with your submissions please just e-mail us and let us know. Give us a rough estimate of your page count so we can start to do some layout, ya’hear?

And what’s that? We’ll be doing a reading for GHOSTLY STORIES next week, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 30 at UNCHARTED BOOKS from 7:30-9:00ish. Give us your ideas. We’re having some spooky tales read with an under-face flashlight, some spooky yet ambient music recordings and more. Let us know this week what the plan is.

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